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Solar Inverter | An Overlook

C M Varughese


Solar Inverter –An overlook   A solar Inverter is the core unit in a solar power system where the DC power from Solar PV is converted to AC power of standard voltage and frequency . Mainly three categories of Solar Inverters- OFF Grid Inverter ,Grid Tie Inverter and Hybrid Inverter are available .   Off Grid INVERTER :   The PV supply pass through a charge controller –PWM  type with MPPT algorithm to derive maximum power from the PV .The

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Solar Power Systems | Facts To Be Known

C M Varughese


Solar Power Systems – Facts to be known :   Solar PV System generate 4kWHr DC Power (4 units )/Kw average per day at PV end in Kerala .On conversion to AC the yield is 3 to 3.5 units per day .Average 100 units per months per Kw ,on higher kWs yield increases proportionally . Space requirements- 100 sq.ft per Kw and increases proportionally as Kw increases .Space should be south oriented in Kerala ,without shade . Standard mounting on flat roof at 10-11 deg

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