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Ever Green Energy Technologies: Powering a Sustainable Future 

Solar and EV charging solutions, Kerala, India. 


About Us

Ever Green Energy Technologies (EGET) Pvt Ltd, established in 2017, is a leading force in India's clean energy revolution. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for a sustainable future, encompassing:


  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) of solar power plants: We cater to residential, commercial, and institutional sectors, empowering individuals and organizations to harness the sun's power.                                                                               

  • EV charging stations: We are paving the way for a greener transportation future by installing efficient charging infrastructure across the country.                                               

  • Manufacturing of solar inverters: Committed to the "Make in India" initiative, our R&D team is constantly innovating to manufacture reliable solar inverters indigenously.          

  • Solar consultancy and training: We are an accredited NSDC training partner, providing expert guidance and equipping individuals with the skills to navigate the solar energy landscape.


We understand the critical role solar power plays in addressing India's rising fuel demands, ensuring energy security, and combating climate change. Aligned with the government's ambitious target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070, EGET is actively contributing to:   

  • Decarbonizing the grid: By promoting and installing solar power plants, we are helping India transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy source.                             

  • EV era transition: We are actively involved in setting up EV charging stations, facilitating the shift from fossil fuel-based transportation to a greener future.

Our Vision

Ever Green Energy Technologies  strives to be the leading the way in comprehensive sustainable energy solutions.

Our Mission

Pioneering green tech and fostering solar adoption, for a brighter future.


At EGET, we are passionate about creating a positive impact and empowering communities to embrace a sustainable future. Join us on this journey as we pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, powered by clean and renewable energy solutions.

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We are committed to driving positive environmental impact through innovative solutions. They oversee the development and deployment of cutting-edge solar PV systems, EV charging infrastructures, and other sustainable products.

The management team at EG energy ensures a holistic approach to sustainability, focusing on efficient resource utilization, carbon footprint reduction, and long-term economic viability. 


EG Energy  fosters a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous improvement, driving the company's mission to accelerate the transition to a clean and renewable energy future.


We have a team of experts who are committed to providing excellent consultancy and training on the installation, use, and maintenance of our products and services.



 C. M. Varughese brings over 4 decades of extensive experience in the energy sector to his role as CEO of Ever Green Technologies.

Before leading Ever Green Technologies, he served as the Founder and CEO of IGA TECH Industrial Electronics Pvt Ltd, a leading UPS provider in Kerala. This experience equipped him with valuable insights into building and managing a successful business within the energy sector. Early in his career, Mr. Varughese honed his technical skills working for reputable organizations like Schneider and Keltron.

He holds a strong educational background, having graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT Kozhikode in 1978 and later pursuing an MBA from the College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram in 1991. This combination of technical expertise and business acumen has proven invaluable in leading Evergreen Technologies.

Mr. Varughese is a BEE Certified Energy Manager, demonstrating his commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. He is also an NSDC Certified Trainer of Trainers (TOT) for Solar Rooftop Grid Engineers and Solar Installers, actively contributing to the development of skilled professionals in the renewable energy sector.

His extensive experience, combined with his unwavering dedication to both business and sustainability, positions Mr. Varughese as a visionary leader guiding Evergreen Technologies towards a brighter future.


Our CEO's Profile

Ever Green Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd, CEO since 2019

  1. Installation of Several Solar Plants Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial to reduce carbon footprint.

  2. Installation of  EV Charging stations firsts in Kerala to develop EV infra for the state.

  3. Trained several engineers in the Solar field to take up inspection of the solar plant by the accredited Training institute under NSDC.

  4. Undertaking R&D to update Solar inverter technology with higher efficiency, smaller size and economical in cost.

  5. Coordinating Power Electronics Manufacturers and Developers of Kerala to bring out an ecosystem to “MAKE IN INDIA” strategy gets accelerated in Kerala.


IGA TECH Industrial Electronics Pvt Ltd

Founder Chairman and Managing Director of IGA TECH 2001-19, a Power Electronics company. This company was built from Scratch to one of the reputed known UPS companies of Kerala with large numbers of UPSs supplied across Kerala and T.N. Several products like specialised battery charger to Power Supply, Line interactive to Online UPS in 1ph and 3ph developed indigenously. 

Replaced imported UPSs with indigenously developed ones. several employees got trained in Power Electronics over a while with branches at Trivandrum. Kozhikode Chennai with manufacturing plant at Kochi.

Schneider Electric, KSA 1996-2001 served as Design Manager in LV division. 

Developed MCC in IEC standard against NEMA standard first time for the company for Saudi Aramco as the customer.

KELTRON 1979-1996 from Trainee Engineer to Engineering

Manager at Power Electronics Division

  1. Instrumental in indigenising ABB UPS technology up to 300Kva and developing 400Kva UPS further. Bagged largest order for NPCIL 8x500Kva in 1995. Designed largest UPSs of that time 500Kva to NPCIL and 115Kva 1ph UPS to NTPC Talcher. NPCIL is still a large customer of KELTRON.

  2. First Developed and used Aluminium Fiol transformer for UPS application 40-400Kva in 1989 onwards. Several products like static voltage stabilisers, high-capacity Battery chargers, Transistor UPS etc developed for and supplied to various customers during this period, like EIL, BHEL,  NTPC, ADA etc.


  • Member, IEEE since 1984, Senior Member since 1995, LSM since 2021

  • Chair, Power Electronics Society Chapter, IEEE Kerala Section 1996

  • Vice Chair, Educational Activities 2021 and 

  • Chair, Education Society Chapter 2022-23. 

  • Chair, Vehicular Technology Society Chapter 2024


  • Chair, Society of Energy Engineers and Manager 2017-20 

  • Secretary, Kerala Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs and Promoters Association -2019-2021

  • President, Kerala Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs and Promoters Association -2021-2023

Our Values

At Ever Green Energy Technologies, our core values guide our commitment to building a sustainable future and delivering exceptional service to all stakeholders:

Transparency and Respect:

We believe in open and honest communication, treating our customers, vendors, and regulators with the utmost respect.

Education and Advocacy:

We actively educate individuals and businesses about the benefits of adopting green energy solutions. Our focus is on promoting the best possible performance and long-term value, achieved through the use of high-quality products and exceptional service.

Ethical and Responsible Project Selection:

We advise on and undertake technology projects that are both ethical and economically beneficial for our customers, ensuring responsible allocation of resources.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers' satisfaction by exceeding expectations and delivering a strong return on their investment.

These values are the foundation of our company culture and guide every action we take. We strive to create a positive and sustainable future by adhering to these core principles.

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0484-2429348 /


VII/223-A, Ambadimoola, Palachuvadu, NGO Qrts Road, Kakkanad, Cochin- 682 030

Kerala, India

Recognized by

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Ever Green Energy Technologies is  a registeted vendor under PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana program under MNRE and also empanelled with ANERT, Govt of Kerala.

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