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Solar power is the most promising solution to India against rising fuel demand, threats to energy security and combating climate change .10% of Indian available space can deliver energy equivalent to present full energy demand.

The biggest current priority is need for training program in construction and commissioning of solar plants in addition to operation and maintenance of solar plants, skill needed for O&M in performing data monitoring. EVER GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD is set up to provide above training needs.

Solar Power System

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We undertake EPC contracts of Financially viable Solar PV Power Plants such as ON-Grid, OFF-Grid, Hybrid, OFF-Grid without batteries...

Power Plant Service

We undertake Repair and services of all types of Power Plants. We have competent Engineers and Technicians and Sophisticated tools in order to...

Turnkey Services

We undertake Turnkey services on Solar PV Power Plants such as ON-Grid, OFF-Grid, Hybrid, and conversion of Home UPS in to Solar UPS of any size...


Our 30 plus years of experienced Technocrats in Power Electronics and Solar PV PP are ready for consultancy at nominal charges...


We have Tie-up with popular Indian Solar product manufactures and Liaison agents of MNC’s. So that we can supply A-Z Solar materials...


Our Institute is affiliated to “Skill Council of India for Green Jobs” We undertake the following training on Solar PV Power Plants...

Parts of a Solar Power System
Facts to be known
  1. Solar PV System generate 4kWHr DC Power (4 units)/Kw average per day at PV end in Kerala. On conversion to AC the yield is 3 to 3.5 units per day. Average 100 units per months per Kw, on higher kWs yield increases proportionally.
  2. Space requirements- 100 sq.ft per Kw and increases proportionally as Kw increases. Space should be south oriented in Kerala, without shade.
  3. Standard mounting on flat roof at 10-11 deg centigrade south oriented, Possible to mount on inclined roof, tiled roof as well as sheet roof, also above car porch and ground mounted.
  4. Type and Selection of Solar PV Systems - Off Grid (with battery ):
    • Useful for areas where mains failures and fluctuations are frequent .Battery per Kw 4x150AH C10 Tubular for residential and 2x150AH for office, day time use.
    • Load be distributed to contain PCU rating and PV generation, say 3-3.5 units per Kw.
    • Priority load shall be Lights, Fans, TV etc.
    • PCU (Solar Inverter) rating 1Kva o.k if the Fridge-285L/DL is inverter type, other wise 2Kw may be needed.
    • For AC, 1.5T AC of inverter type can be connected on 3Kva PCU, other type AC of 1.5T may need 6/7.5 Kva PCU. 1.5 T AC, average energy consumption 8Hrs may be 8 units.
    • On maximum energy conservation and Energy Efficiency exercise only go for Solar, limit 80% of energy consumption on solar and balance on Mains on an average.
    • Avoid connecting high surge loads (low duration running) like motors on Solar if possible.
    • Advantage OFF GRID-Give a steady, stable, Clean power 24Hrs (depending connected load rating).

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